review shots

Reviewing shots is the process of analyzing your current lighting work. Like an artist who is stepping back from the canvas to get a sense for the overall picture. Reviewing your own shots, shots you are working on for days maybe weeks, is anything but a easy task. The longer you work on them the more you will get lost in small details and will ultimately loose the overall picture.

There a few helpful ways though reviewing your shots and getting a fresh view of your own work and discover areas of possible improvements.

  • take a break from your desk, go for a coffee, get some fresh air,…
  • flop the image. Where do your eyes go?
  • view luminance from image. Is the most important element clearly readable?
  • resize image to thumbnail size. Do you get a clear read from everything? Is your eye still going to what’s important?
  • squint your eyes. Again, do you get a clear read? Good separation? Nothing of importance blends into the background?
  • view it together with surrounding shots. Does it work in the edit? Shots tying in nicely? Continuity?
  • ask someone who works on same sequence for general but also sequence specific notes
  • ask someone who doesn’t work on the same sequence for general notes
  • take a look at keyshot / already approved shots
  • ask your lead/supervisor

A personal checklist acting as a friendly reminder is very helpful for your personal review process. The checklist could include the following items:

  • clear read of acting/action?
  • good read on eyes/mouth?
  • Levels okay?
  • Enough depth?
  • Separation between important elements of shot e.g. actor/character and background
  • ties in with shot before and after
  • eye trace in place and working
  • Continuity working
  • sequence and show specific notes applied

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